The Infina parasol is not only unique in looks, durability is guaranteed by the use of aluminium, stainless-steel components and high quality Premium Olefin umbrella covers.

Why are you always looking at the least attractive side of a parasol? Why is the serenity disturbed by the busyness of ribs and stretchers? Infina proves that it does not have to be that way. This parasol is not only visually very restful, but it also scores significantly better than the traditional parasol in terms of wind resistance. Clear evidence that aesthetics can, indeed, be combined with sustainability. And that one can always do things better.




Dirk Wynants earned international fame as a trendsetter in outdoor living. More than anyone else, he drew his inspiration from an engaged and creative vision of design. He has attention not only for the material requirements, but he also explores the different ways of answering some of the important themes circulating in society. For him, contemporary design is more than a matter of trendy or attractive objects. Design is about innovative solutions that contribute to making a better world.

INFINA 3.0m Diameter : R7 650-00
INFINA 3.5m Round : R8 799-00
INFINA 2.5M x 2.5M SQUARE : R10 999-00
INFINA 3mx3m Square : R12 999-00