Paraflex Wall mounted Umbrella

Paraflex Wall mounted umbrella |

Product description

Nothing beats the versatility of the human body. As a result, for the Paraflex, we let ourselves be inspired by the manoeuvrability and strength of the human arm.

A space-saving wallmounted umbrella, without a base and without a pole, which offers you the possibility to create shade wherever you want it, by means of one, two or more umbrellas, according to your needs. The light and compact Paraflex offers maximum shade and is highly wind-resistant.

Spare parts and covers are locally available to lengthen the lifespan of your shade umbrella!

Wall mounted Umbrella

The Paraflex collection consists of 4 models – 2 round models: 2,7 m and 3 m and 2 square models: 1,9 m and 2,3 m. The umbrellas can be wall mounted aswell as pole mounted, up to 5 umbrellas on 1 pole.


      wall                             Mono                          duo                                Multi



– Ideal for patios where there is no room for a base or pole (Wallflex)

– Flexible arm provides shade where desired

– Several configurations possible

– Easy to assembly

– Very easy to handle and store


– Paraflex Wall

– Paraflex Mono

– Paraflex Duo

– Paraflex Multi

Square: 1,9 x 1,9 m (with 1.85 standard arm or 2.35 long arm) | 2,3 x 2,3 m (with Neo Arm)

Round: 2,7 m (with 1.85 standard arm or 2.35 long arm) | 3 m (with Neo Arm)

Mounting options

Umbrosa offers 4 different ways to install your umbrella.

1. Mounting on the wall

2. Direct mounting on the ground

3. Mounting in a soft surface with a concrete anchorage

4. Mounting on a mobile medium tile base

5. Mounting on a mobile large tile base 

Colour options Solidium :



The Wall is often the perfect spot to install an umbrella / parasol arm. A solid starting point from where you can easily create all the shade you need on your patio. The ease and flexibility of just mounting a number of Paraflex wallmounted umbrella’s even on bigger patio’s ensuring that annoying umbrella poles are a thing of the past!

How to configure your Paraflex Wall mount Umbrella?

Step one : Choose your Umbrella arm/holder.

STANDARD ARM – for use with 2.7m hexagonal and 1,9m square umbrella .

The inspiration of umbrella arm/holder comes from the human arm holding an umbrella.
The classic standard size umbrella holder is 1.85cm long and the classic long-size umbrella arm measures 2.35cm.

New NEO ARM – for use with 3m round and 2.3m square umbrella .

Step two : Choose a umbrella size and cover colour . Available umbrella sizes are 2.7m hexagonal, 3m round , 1.9m square and 2.3m square.



The wall foot (30cm) is included with every Paraflex umbrella holder. The flexibility of the wall foot allows you to adjust the height of the umbrella holder after the installation. The fixation materials are not included due to the variations in surfaces on which the umbrella wall foot is mounted.

Click  below to view the Paraflex 2.7m Hex. Wallmounted Umbrella video

Click  below to view the Paraflex 2.3m Square Wallmounted Umbrella video