Rimbou Icarus

Icarus Fabrics

Icarus mountings

The decision on how to install the Icarus would normally be made based upon the existing surface that the Icarus designer Parasol is to be and if a permanent  base is required.

Surface: Decking / Concrete

Deck base 90 degrees

Can be bolted down to an existing hard surface. Vertical version.
Permanent solution R 958-00

100kg granite base   R2 100-00

Surface: Paving, Tarmac/ Grass

In Ground base 90 degrees

Vertical in-ground base. The lower section of the ground base should be set into concrete to provide a stable support. R958-00

Surface: Paving, Tarmac/ Grass

120kg mobile concrete base with handle        R6 245-00

Surface: Any flat surface/ Indoor

Tile base

Tile base, for freestanding installation. Slabs need to be added to provide the stability. Use only where fixing to the ground is impossible. R2 375-00

Tile base + cover
Umbrosa base system