Spectra Square & Round

Spectra  Fabric:

Spectra Round 3M diameter R19 995-00 excl base
Spectra Square 2.5M : R22 500-00 excl. base

Spectra installation options : 

Surface: Decking / Concrete

Deck base 90 degrees

Can be bolted down to an existing hard surface. Vertical version.
Permanent solution R 958-00

100kg granite base   R2 100-00

Surface: Paving, Tarmac/ Grass

In Ground base 90 degrees

Vertical in-ground base. The lower section of the ground base should be set into concrete to provide a stable support. R958-00

Surface: Paving, Tarmac/ Grass

120kg mobile concrete base with handle        R6 245-00

Surface: Any flat surface/ Indoor

Tile base

Tile base, for freestanding installation. Slabs need to be added to provide the stability. Use only where fixing to the ground is impossible. R2 375-00

Tile base + cover
Umbrosa base system

New Umbrosa freestanding base with steel plates. Creates a lower profile option to the tile base. R7 950-00