Eclipse Umbrella

The modern Eclipse umbrella side post design sets a whole new standard in the world of contemporary parasol design. Offering a flat round shade canopy presented at an angle, it consists of a large, sophisticated 3m ring which holds the shade and functions like a work of art while providing shade over a large seating area or multiple chaises.

 The Eclipse – an eye catching Umbrella of note – consists of a big, sophisticated ring, which holds a shade sail that is tightened inside and majestically silhouetted against the sky.

The new 3m diagonal Eclipse Umbrella collection sets a new standard in the world of the classic outdoor parasol. This top designer umbrella with it’s flat round shape serves as an a contemporary shade provider as well as  an art-piece.  R92 665-00

Eclipse Fabric

Installing The Eclipse

The decision on how to install the Eclipse would normally be made based upon the existing surface that the post is to be mounted onto and how permanent a base is required.

Deck base 90 degrees, can be bolted down to an existing hard surface. Vertical version. Permanent solution. R995-00
In Ground base 90 degrees:
Vertical in-ground base. The lower section of the ground base should be set into concrete to provide a stable support. R1 095-00
120kg mobile concrete base with handle. R5 700-00
Any flat surface
Umbrosa base system:
New Umbrosa freestanding base with steel plates. Creates a lower profile option to the tile base. R11 440-00

Eclipse Round